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Sunday's, Breakthrough's, & Magic.

   Maybe life is exactly how he said I thought...

   I had just gotten off the phone with family and had a revelation of a lifetime. I'd been spending a giant chunk of my time and days self analyzing, finding alignment and taking deep looks at my own heart. Sometimes the world can be a draining place, the balance between trying to figure out why people do the things they do and trying not to be judgmental can be a difficult one. It's not our job to police the integrity and morals of others, frustratingly enough even when they bring their madness into your space. Maybe we're all just running around like crazy ppl with no knowledge of which way is up and down. All we know is that we are broken, but it's all just an illusion. For my fellow nerds in this conversation we compared it to Harry Potter, everything and every ounce of who we are trapped to our worst experiences like hurxruxes. The problem is that we always forget, allowing our own voldemorte's and demons to whisper sweet nothings in our ears about how we'll never be anything more than our worst experiences. The only deliverance to be found is in breaking them. Life is funny that way, you go to church for years and years and they preach to you about breaking the chains to your past and a children's movie becomes the only visual you have to identify with it all. But it's all true...all so relative. The truth is this, until we disconnect from the worst of it, until we stop living and breathing the truth of a lie, that whoever we were in our past or whatever we've been through is all we will be, we can never be free. Untethered and unbroken. Like Harry the truth of his worst moment ended up being so much more than the lies he was told. If only it was easy to see our own greatness.

So here's your daily reminder: there is freedom and victory in the rain. "Expecto Patronum"  

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