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Checkpoint Season

   Everyone has played a video game before. When I was young my father was an avid gamer, at one point he even had a computer in each bedroom with headsets and orchestrated my 5 siblings like we were a small army and our only goal in life was training for and winning boss battles. I used to be a goddess at Halo *filps hair* but I digress. In every video game there is what you call a checkpoint. A place that will save the things that your player has learned to the memory base, somewhat of a small breath of fresh air. In racing games often times getting to the check point is the only thing that will give you more time and energy to continue on, come in too late however and it's game over.

   I'm talking about video games because I feel like this is how life is a lot of times. Most people go through a dark or unsure season of life and automatically assume that they fell from grace or did something drastically wrong. Failing to realize a lot of times it's just Gods way of pushing you to that next checkpoint. I love the seasons of life where things seem to just fall into place on their own, you apply for the job and you get the job, you make a plan, the plan works. Sometimes things fall into your lap and you just find yourself profusely thanking God. I LOVE these seasons. But to be honest there have been times in my life where I waited for them, and without life feeling exactly this way I wasn't sure if I was doing right by God or if I was where I was supposed to be. The beautiful epiphany I've been having in the last few years of my life though is God is not, not giving us those times as a means of punishment. Everything not being perfect doesn't necessarily mean you've fallen from Christ. Without working out one can never get stronger and without the dark you don't even know how to USE the light. 

   These I like to call them now, are simply checkpoint seasons. Just seasons of life where you are passing some test, getting through some things, and God is getting ready to take you somewhere else. A breath of fresh air, or Gods way of saying "hold on baby, I got it for a minute." times when you can feel the beauty in the alignment of his word and order in your life. This doesn't take away the trials and workouts of your future, it just gives you the push and the rest you need to get there. Hopefully if you're reading this my lessons are your lessons, and like myself you are coming to realize the amazing potential of untainted joy that life has for you, no matter the season. Flash lights & lamps are useless in the sun. Light can not shine in light, your purpose isn't merely to be light where light already exist but to overwhelmingly and exceedingly illuminate the dark places. Every corner and crevice of your life and the lives you come in contact with. Turn the lights back on. Your season is coming.  

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